Our 3 locations and extended hours allow us to offer more flexible appointment times, making your pet’s healthcare more convenient to schedule.

Our goal is to be your go-to for veterinary services, owing to our dedication, quality of services, staff, and competitive pricing. We continue to work closely with the top specialists in their fields for all our referrals.

We strive to do all we can to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible, no matter what their health issue is.


What We Offer

Wellness Care

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Our Well Trained Staff Will Give Advice Specific To Your Pet’s Needs


33344838_sWe have most of the medications your pet needs right here at our facility. Our pharmacy includes heartworm preventions such as Interceptor Plus, Sentinel Spectrum, Trifexis, and Advantage Multi. Flea and Tick medications include Nexgard, Frontline Gold, Capstar, and Seresto collars. Our staff and doctors strive to help you determine what the best preventions will be for your pets and your environment. We carry many common antibiotics including Convenia, a 2 week injectable antibiotic for those pets that won’t take pills.

We also carry many ear, eye and skin medications for those pets with allergies, infections or conditions affecting these areas. If you have an older pet that needs arthritis medications we can help. Our doctors can decide what will be best for your pets in this area from glucosamine to anti-inflammatories.

With all our medications our doctors have the experience and knowledge to best choose the prescriptions to fit your pets needs and then can recommend the proper monitoring of these medications with routine blood work.

Laboratory Diagnostics

33264394_sOur clinic also has an in-house lab where we can run general blood work before surgery or on a sick patient to determine if there are kidney, liver, blood sugar, or blood cell problems. This information helps our doctors decide where problems could be occurring and what would be the next step to take in your pets care. Our clinic can also take radiographs of animals to have a look inside. We can see many types of tumors, stones in the bladder, heart enlargement and many other abnormalities. Ultrasound is used on a limited basis for checking urinary bladders and pregnancy around day 30-40. We can check a fecal to look for parasites and urine to check for infection and other urinary issues. We run heartworm, tick borne disease, and Felv/Fiv tests on a daily basis as part of our recommended routine yearly screening for your pets.

We also use a send out lab on some of our routine blood work for senior pets and pets on prescription medications. We can often get more information at a cheaper price by sending these to an outside lab.

Most results are back the next day and a staff member calls you with those results and any recommendations our doctors make.


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