Special Care & Hospitalization


When our pets get sick, it is scary. They become members of our family, our children. If your little one is sick, we will get them worked into our schedule are soon as possible. We strive to work with our clients to get sick pets, and those with emergent needs, seen as quickly as we can.

Our facility is able to hospitalize animals. At times, IV fluids are needed, especially if your pet is dehydrated or vomiting. If your cat is FELV/FIV positive, or your dog is Parvovirus positive, we have an isolation room to keep them separated from animals who are not infected, while keeping them as comfortable as possible.

If your pet needs overnight hospitalization, we can offer it. However, we do not have an overnight staff member. If your pet needs 24 hour a day monitoring, we can refer you to 24-hour emergency centers in Indianapolis or Louisville.

For those clients who are unable to stay with their pets during appointments, drop off service is available at no extra charge. We will review the procedures with you and, after the procedures are complete, offer diagnostic and treatment information over the phone. When you pick up your pet, we will have everything you need, ready to go. We will also go over anything we discovered during your little one’s visit.

We have digital radiography, which is far less stressful to your pet by allowing for fewer retakes. It also enables us to send a disc of the images to a referral clinic. We are also able to send the images directly to a board-certified radiologist, allowing for a more definitive diagnosis.

There is a fee for the radiologist service.

Accepted Forms of Payment

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