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Our clinic has the ability to see appointments for a wide variety of medical issues in dogs and cats. Skin irritations, endocrine problems, ear infections, allergies, respiratory infections, and heart problems are just a few of the conditions that we evaluate on a daily basis. We also provide counseling for new pet and puppy owners. We then follow your pet through the changes in their life, and adjust to their needs of your pet accordingly. When your pet becomes a senior around the age of seven, we start recommending yearly blood work to check kidney and liver function to further assess your pet’s health. We also talk about diet changes and the care needed specifically for senior pets.

Our St. Clair clinic is able to take appointments for a variety of issues and conditions in both dogs and cats. Whether your pet is experiencing a skin problem or a heart problem, an ear infection of a respiratory infection, we have the ability to evaluate and treat most anything that could go wrong. Along with acute medical care, we, of course, offer routine care such as annual heartworm and fecal tests, bloodwork, and dental care. We also offer heartworm, internal parasite, and flea and tick preventative care, as well as recommending annual Distemper, Lyme disease, Feline Leukemia (FELV), and Rabies vaccinations.

Starting at the beginning of your new fur baby’s life through their final days, we will be there for you and them. We offer new pet and puppy counseling to help you acclimate to caring for your new pet, and to help your pet acclimate to you. From there, we follow them and adjust our care according to their specific needs. Around age seven, when your pet becomes a senior, we begin to recommend yearly blood work to check liver and kidney functions. We also discuss diet and care changes in order to ensure that your pet is as healthy as possible far into old age. In addition, we offer weight counseling services at any age.

Our staff and doctors are highly trained and equipped to handle acute illnesses as well as trauma and emergency visits. If ever there is an issue that we cannot treat, we can provide referrals to specialists.

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