Our St. Clair clinic provides quality surgical services for cats and dogs. Spay and neuter services are offered Monday through Friday. We also perform laceration repairs, abdominalDSC_0229 surgery 5 - Copyexploratory procedures, mass removals, C-sections, and other surgeries on a weekly basis. Our staff will walk you through not just surgical options and the full procedure, but any pre and/or post-op care instructions.

Before any surgery is performed, we recommend pre-op blood work to check your pet’s liver and kidney functions, glucose levels, and red and white blood cell count. We suggest allowing for an IV catheter during surgery to both give us access to a vein if needed, as well as to deliver fluids. Pain medications will be recommended to help control both pain and inflammation during and post-surgery. If your pet is likely to lick or chew on their stitches, we have E-collars available.

If you would like, we offer FELV/FIV and heartworm testing, as well as flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, and vaccination services at the time of surgery.

If you would like to schedule a procedure for you cat or dog, please call the clinic to set the appointment. Please drop your pet off the evening before, or morning of, their appointment.

If you desire, any surgical patient may stay the night at the clinic for no extra charge.

Accepted Forms of Payment

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